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In each episode of The Small Data Forum podcast, we pride ourselves in the “sideways look” we apply to our podnostications on the uses and abuses of data big and small in politics, business, and public life, with our opinions and insights that challenge accepted wisdoms.

We hear, anecdotally, that you like this informed but irreverent style.

As we evolve the podcast, we also think it’s a good time now to invite our listeners to actually tell us what they think of the podcast, its content, and our style. What you think.

And so we have our first listener survey! It’s short and simple, designed to help us gain more understanding about what you think of our podcasts, and what suggestions you care to share that will help us make them even more useful and entertaining for you.

Since we began The Small Data Forum podcast nearly seven years ago – we published the first episode in May 2016 – we have developed SDF into more of an experience.

Today, the SDF Podcast comprises:

  • The Small Data Forum Podcast – a monthly 45+-minute show hosted by Thomas Stoeckle, Neville Hobson and Sam Knowles – the Podnosticators.
  • SDF Interviews – occasional conversations with subject-matter experts and opinion-leaders from the business, academic and communication worlds.

In March 2023, we began experimenting with occasional short-form podcast episodes with the three of us discussing a single topic in 20 minutes or less. We plan these episodes to complement the regular monthly show although we’re still evolving our approach.

To the survey

The short survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Most questions require an answer. If you share with us your name and email address to get news when we have the results ready, we will take care of this information and neither share it with anyone nor use it for any purpose other than regarding this listener survey.

The survey will remain open until midnight BST/GMT+1 on Sunday 30 April 2023.

Thank you for taking part in our Listener Survey 2023. We’ll be announcing the results in a forthcoming episode.

We appreciate your time and your sharing your opinions, thanks again.

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